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GENRE: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure


CONCEPT: The terrifying spectre of an ominous ring has encircled the Earth as a result of decades of disruptive vibrations emanating from the planet. It has caused the Earth to slip off its axis and prompted a series of environmental catastrophes. A twelve-year-old Alaskan boy receives a vision directing him to gather seven musicians from around the world in order to attune the Earth back to its natural alignment. An eminent scientist designs an ingenious device to target their music into specific atmospheric space in an effort to defuse the inimical ring. The boy recruits the young musicians one by one in a world-wide adventure, encountering fierce natural disasters, deep personal losses, and the aggressive counterforce of a mysterious adversary who eventually destroys all they have worked for.  The last hope for Earth’s survival depends on a tricky maneuver by the same extraterrestrial force which has been guiding the boy.


SYNOPSIS:  Attu, a twelve-year-old Alaskan boy receives a powerful vision from the alien Onichian civilization, on a group mission of redemption based on prior cosmic indiscretions.  The source of the vision is Becjar, an entity who has keen insight into Attu’s family history and its association with war and peace. Becjar instructs Attu to gather seven musicians, one per continent, to play harmonious music in an effort to save the Earth from impending castastrophe caused by the Ring of Peril. The unprecedently bizarre ring is simultaneously discovered by Professor Hariis Froeling who details it to the world as a manifestation of negative vibrations eananting from the planet.


Attu leaves behind his beloved guardian/grandfather Obenwa, and sets off on his trans-continental recruiting journey amid natural disasters ravishing the Earth as a result of the foreboding ring. Attu senses that he is being watched, and he is…by Megacorps, a sinister organization profiting from products based on class chaos, consumer desperation and fear. It is in their best interest to prevent the boy from uniting the people of Earth in any movement toward calm, social justice and peace.


During his odyssey Attu discovers Jeffrey, a keyboardist from New York, Gabriella, and Argentinian flutist, Mbiro, a mute Tanzanian drummer, Annamaria, an Italian violinist, Jypti a sitarist form India, and Duchang a chanting Tibetan monk.  The Onichians instruct Attu to lead his group to a place called ‘Earthcenter,’ high in the Himalayas. Here, they join forces with Professor Froeling and his staff, who have constructed a “Transducer,”a revolutionary tech device devised to project the group’s harmonious frequencies into space to counteract the negative effects caused by the Ring of Peril.


As they are about to implement the miracle device, Megacorps hit men kidnap Obenwa from the site. Megacorps’ global ubiquity is shown at the nexus of terrorism and capitalism, operating to the detriment of most of humankind.  Megacorps decides to finally quash Attu’s efforts by bombing the site where a vast throng of supporters anticipate his band’s concert. As a last ditch act of courage, the captive Obenwa diverts the Megacorps plane off-course, sparing the millions gathered – but he is unable to prevent the plane from crashing into the Transducer, killing Professor Froeling, his staff and Obenwa himself.


The Onichians are now the last hope to help the music diffuse the increasingly destructive Ring of Peril. They have the capability to serve as a conduit between the musicians and the vastness of the Universe. The ‘lost’ member of Attu’s group, Dkajana, an Australian aboriginal mallet player, arrives to provide the Onichians with a song of hope and celebration which assists in the final diffusion of  the Ring of Peril. As the Earth is reborn, so are the beings of Onichia, who are now redeemed. Attu finally ‘sees’ his guardian, Becjar. A supernova is formed above the planet, which will eventually become Onichia, sister to Earth.


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