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GENRE: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure


CONCEPT: The terrifying spectre of an ominous ring has encircled the Earth as a result of decades of disruptive vibrations emanating from the planet. It has caused the Earth to slip off its axis and prompted a series of environmental catastrophes. A twelve-year-old Alaskan boy receives a vision directing him to gather seven musicians from around the world in order to attune the Earth back to its natural alignment. An eminent scientist designs an ingenious device to target their music into specific atmospheric space in an effort to defuse the inimical ring. The boy recruits the young musicians one by one in a world-wide adventure, encountering fierce natural disasters, deep personal losses, and the aggressive counterforce of a mysterious adversary who eventually destroys all they have worked for.  The last hope for Earth’s survival depends on a tricky maneuver by the same extraterrestrial force which has been guiding the boy.


SYNOPSIS:  Attu, a twelve-year-old Alaskan boy receives a powerful vision from the alien Onichian civilization, on a group mission of redemption based on prior cosmic indiscretions.  The source of the vision is Becjar, an entity who has keen insight into Attu’s family history and its association with war and peace. Becjar instructs Attu to gather seven musicians, one per continent, to play harmonious music in an effort to save the Earth from impending castastrophe caused by the Ring of Peril. The unprecedently bizarre ring is simultaneously discovered by Professor Hariis Froeling who details it to the world as a manifestation of negative vibrations eananting from the planet.


Attu leaves behind his beloved guardian/grandfather Obenwa, and sets off on his trans-continental recruiting journey amid natural disasters ravishing the Earth as a result of the foreboding ring. Attu senses that he is being watched, and he is…by Megacorps, a sinister organization profiting from products based on class chaos, consumer desperation and fear. It is in their best interest to prevent the boy from uniting the people of Earth in any movement toward calm, social justice and peace.


During his odyssey Attu discovers Jeffrey, a keyboardist from New York, Gabriella, and Argentinian flutist, Mbiro, a mute Tanzanian drummer, Annamaria, an Italian violinist, Jypti a sitarist form India, and Duchang a chanting Tibetan monk.  The Onichians instruct Attu to lead his group to a place called ‘Earthcenter,’ high in the Himalayas. Here, they join forces with Professor Froeling and his staff, who have constructed a “Transducer,”a revolutionary tech device devised to project the group’s harmonious frequencies into space to counteract the negative effects caused by the Ring of Peril.


As they are about to implement the miracle device, Megacorps hit men kidnap Obenwa from the site. Megacorps’ global ubiquity is shown at the nexus of terrorism and capitalism, operating to the detriment of most of humankind.  Megacorps decides to finally quash Attu’s efforts by bombing the site where a vast throng of supporters anticipate his band’s concert. As a last ditch act of courage, the captive Obenwa diverts the Megacorps plane off-course, sparing the millions gathered – but he is unable to prevent the plane from crashing into the Transducer, killing Professor Froeling, his staff and Obenwa himself.


The Onichians are now the last hope to help the music diffuse the increasingly destructive Ring of Peril. They have the capability to serve as a conduit between the musicians and the vastness of the Universe. The ‘lost’ member of Attu’s group, Dkajana, an Australian aboriginal mallet player, arrives to provide the Onichians with a song of hope and celebration which assists in the final diffusion of  the Ring of Peril. As the Earth is reborn, so are the beings of Onichia, who are now redeemed. Attu finally ‘sees’ his guardian, Becjar. A supernova is formed above the planet, which will eventually become Onichia, sister to Earth.




by Gary Pickus and Daniel Summer


                                                                                                        © 1998-2021

.                                                                             All rights reserved   


PEACEBRIDGE: for attunement of purpose

"In extending ourselves to and from each other as bridges of peace."

Tamuk's journal, page 9.


Long before the dawn of time, a planet known as Onichia was home to a diverse, intelligent and multi-cultured civilization.  Social injustices gradually permeated the planet, and eventually led to the total separation of classes and cultures.  The Onichians accelerated the demise of their world through a series of ecological atrocities and territorial conflicts.  This air of unrest emanated throughout their solar system, causing a disturbance of planetary alignment.  Onichia shifted so far off its axis that it disrupted orbital relationships among the planets of the galaxy.  This caused Onichia to collide with its sun, vaporizing all humanoid forms, leaving only the souls of its inhabitants.

Doomed to travel the universe in gaseous form as nomadic energies, the Onichians have been seeking each other out, in the hope of uniting as a civilization once again.  In their search, many Onichians have discovered corridors through the cosmos for their travels.  Deprivation of their physical form has heightened their sensitivity and awareness.  Over the ages they have grown conscious of an intensifying subsonic oscillation in their tunnels through space.  After an unusually severe fluctuation, they dispatch a scout named Becjar to seek out its source.


ZEPHYR: for attunement with natural forms

"Oh, to set sail on the winds of change."

 Tamuk's Journal, page 29.


Becjar traces the origin of this disturbance to Alaska's westernmost Aleutian island, Attu.  Here in this frigid, sparsely populated region, U.S. Dynamics, the defense division of Megacorps, is testing and developing their Satelline Defense System, scanning United States air space to defend against enemy vessels.  Megacorps is a secret conglomerate capitalizing on international conflicts and economic disparities.

To the Aleutians, this frightening military presence echoes back to 1942, when the local population was evacuated by the U.S. Government following a Japanese attack on the island's military base.  Tragically, the relocation camps were virtually unlivable, with no heat or supplies.  Many died in the substandard conditions.  Forty years later, the U.S. Government succumbed to political pressure to compensate each remaining survivor with twelve thousand dollars.

Yet no compensation could ever be enough for Tamuk Kachol.  As a young boy, he watched his grandfather die in the camps.  The imprint of this experience combined with tribal wisdom garnered from his father, Benwa, deepened Tamuk's beliefs and guided him throughout his life's mission as a peace activist.

Each night, Tamuk and his wife, Claire, lead a peaceful demonstration at the Satelline base, in protest against the military exercises that have tainted their pristine surroundings.  Becjar arrives to find the couple seated alone just outside the gates with their infant son, Kaluak, after one evening's rally has come to a close.  Although U.S. Dynamics cannot literally see the alien, his phantom presence triggers an emergency defensive strike by the Satelline Defense System.  After they classify the source of the intrusion as 'a life form of unknown origin,' U.S. Dynamics mobilizes quickly in an attempt to eliminate evidence of Becjar before an outside investigation exposes their covert operation.  As they seek to destroy him with previously untested lasers, Tamuk and his family are caught in the line of fire.

While Claire shields tiny Kaluak from the fatal beams, Becjar witnesses the killing of the boy's parents.  Becjar studies the crying child on the ground.  Feeling responsible for the death of the baby's parents, Becjar forms a deep cosmic connection with the boy before reporting back to the recesses of space.  It is a connection that will not be diminished by the incalculable distance of faraway galaxies.


Still, no further contact is made between Becjar and young Kaluak – until twelve years later.  The Onichians are profoundly concerned that the violence-prone peoples of Earth are about to meet a catastrophic fate similar to their own.  They feel compelled to warn humanity that the time has arrived to put an end to their perpetual global discord before it’s too late. They see Kaluak as their emissary.




Sitting quietly by a melting stream, the twelve-year-old Kaluak is carving a wooden flute.  Suddenly, he is distracted by a brisk wind whistling through the trees.  High above, he spies an eagle swooping slowly downward.  The Aleuts have long believed that the eagle is a messenger between the Creator and the people.  This prompts Kaluak to clear his thoughts in anticipation of a spiritual turning point.  In his head, he hears a transmission from Becjar as a series of mysterious sounds.  Instinctively, the boy senses the meaning behind these tones, and speaks the message aloud into the chilly air:

"The disturbances coming from your planet are reverberating throughout the Universe.  Your conflicts cannot be resolved with more violence and aggression.  The only way to avert complete annihilation is to create an overwhelming harmony and attune the vibrations of the planet to this positive new energy.

There are seven others in your world that can help you with this process. You will find them leading others toward attunement on each of the divisions of Earth. Each member will lead you to the next.  You must move quickly and gather them together."


The inspired boy runs inside, and recites the message just burned into his mind’s eye to his grandfather.  Benwa asks him to slowly repeat the warning, as the elder writes it down word for word.  Benwa stands, and places his hands on his grandson’s shoulders, delivering a blessing:

"In the life of every young person there is a moment of awakening, a realization of his or her place in this world. Even when you were a newborn, we all knew you would mature as one with noble purpose.  Now it has been revealed!  And from this moment onward, you must never lose sight of your vision.  You must also be cautious of others whose motives could divert you from your given course.”

Maturing months in minutes, Kaluak nods slowly, sensing the power of the moment.  Benwa then initiates the boy into manhood.  "You shall be called Attu, in honor of your homeland.  Our people have a deep connection to this sacred part of the world.  In order to know where you are going, you must always remember where you came from.  You were deprived from knowing your parents, but your father and mother worked very hard to prevent the military from testing weapons here on the island. They would be as proud of you today as I am.  Your efforts to spread the message of peace and harmony will allow their legacy to live on."

Benwa reaches deep into the drawer of his handmade credenza, and hands his grandson a weathered journal.  "This is something your father was working on right up until he was taken from us.  In this journal he preserved his thoughts, ideas, and deepest beliefs.  Right after you were born, Attu, the U.S. Government finally tried to compensate us for all the hardships we suffered in the camps; but to us, no amount of money could ever make up for all we lost."   He pauses for a moment, eyes glistening as mirrors of years gone by.

“Open the envelope between the last two pages.  Your parents tucked away their life savings for you to inherit one day.  Take this money for your journey.  In the course of your travels, read your father's journal.  There are some very important lessons for you there, Attu.  With this book as your guide, you will grow to understand your father's purpose; how he stayed true to his vision to the bitter end.  This will help you along your own path.”

Whenever his parents are mentioned, Attu feels a tingle up and down his body.  The mystery of their deaths has never been resolved.  As he leafs through his father's journal, the young boy wonders to himself why he, of all people, was the one to receive the Onichian message.  In the midst of this internal maelstrom, he snaps back to reality.

“May I start right right away?”

“Please wait until I notify other native and tribal leaders throughout the Americas.  I want you to have others to call upon along your way.”  Together, Attu and Benwa spend the rest of the day planning Attu's first venture away from home.


UNDERCURRENTS: for attunement of action

"Turning intent into deed." Tamuk's Journal, page 24.


The following morning, on the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, renowned astrophysicist Professor Harris Froeling has assembled a modest media contingent for what he has described as a `grave astrophysical announcement.'  For years, Froeling and his staff have been researching purely scientific explanations for the onslaught of natural disasters ravishing the planet of every sort – hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, fires, floods, earthquakes, and monsoons.  A sizable portion of the masses are convinced that the disturbances are fulfillment of the prophecies of the Book of Revelation.  But Prof. Froeling’s experience, research, and intense scientific study have led him to other conclusions he would publicly assert on this day.  A meek, frail man, but with an endless well of character beneath layers of wisdom, he approaches the podium, glazed with an apocalyptic grimness – convinced that the planet as we know it would cease to exist within a few short weeks.

The professor began his announcement citing many recent phenomena: global warming, rapid species extinction, extreme weather conditions, rainforest depletion, perpetual war and injustice.  His charts and diagrams illuminated his theory to the non-scientific world while his slight exterior gave no indication of the havoc soon to be unleashed by his words.


"Every action, positive or negative has a frequency, a vibration, if you will," he trembled. "Every bomb we have exploded, every tree we have cut down, every child we have allowed to go hungry – each in its own way has contributed to the series of negative vibrations causing our Earth to slip out of its natural alignment in the solar system." A palpable silence permeated the room."In Einstein's theory of spatial relativity, gravity is described as 'variations in the curvature of space-time' and measured as 'gravitational wave signatures.'  In the zero gravity of deep space, however, these variations do not exist.  Therefore, there should not be any gravitational wave signatures present.  But there are…and these waveforms are coming… (pauses, then opens his hands)…. from us!  Their presence, in areas of deep space where they have never been detected before, are having an adverse effect on the orbital relationships of the planets they are interacting with – threatening the rhythms of the natural order of all things." 

Attu is riveted to coverage of Froeling's announcement, while awaiting his flight at the Anchorage airport.  The Professor words hit him like a punch to the gut.  He wonders to himself, “How on Earth am I going to turn around the frequency of an entire planet?  What have I gotten myself into?”  He collapses back into his chair, as the Professor carries on.

      "We've been able to monitor the wave signature activity and chart its growth with the help of Einstein's discovery of traversable wormholes.  According to Einstein, a traversable wormhole is a corridor linking vast distances of space in the form of a very short tunnel. This enables light years to be traveled in a matter of seconds.  We have been able to map out a myriad of interwoven traversable wormholes, simply by monitoring the subsonic frequencies emanating from Earth, as they have been proliferating through this network of tunnels which operate like an omnidirectional subway system.  We refer to this complex labyrinth as 'The Harmonisphere' because it connects all frequency dynamics of the Universe to one core network."

     Dr. Froeling then refers to an elaborate diagram outlining the growth of what he labeled 'cancer in the cosmos.'  "It is with great sadness that I now share with you the most chilling of my discoveries”  he says, producing another chart.  “A deadly ring is forming around the Earth, completely encircling it like the rings of Saturn.  But this perilous ring is a manifestation of unnatural harmonic undertones.  The natural cycle of our planet's rotation is normally geometrically aligned with that of our moon, sun, and planets in our solar system.  But the subsonic frequencies generated by this dreadful ring are dissonant and a mathematical aberration.  If we were all one beautiful choir, the terrible ring would be singing off key and throwing everyone else out of tune.  As it reverberates outward, these dissonant frequencies are tapping into the Harmonisphere, rippling these negative vibrations throughout the Universe, as I explained.  But recently it has begun reverberating inward, recombining with the negative vibrations here on Earth, only to travel outward again in a vicious cycle, multiplying itself at an unprecedented, alarming rate."

     The Professor goes on to hypothesize that this melding and multiplying of cause and effect has been breeding more and more violence and negativity on our planet.  "Over the years, people have become increasingly agitated.  Schools have become terrain for recreational target practice.  The War on Drugs and its related crimes have become the norm.  Racial tensions are as high as ever.  More of our soldiers are killing themselves than the enemy.  Militia groups and doomsday cults are spreading throughout the country; all of these things amplify this ring.  As the phenomenon of the ring persists, the lunar cycle, tide patterns and general balance of nature will soon collapse in chaos. And furthermore, the natural disasters wreaking havoc on the Earth now are only a small taste of what we can expect in the coming weeks.  Questions, please?

     A male member of the local Press contingent chirps up: “What will happen if the Earth falls off its axis from these vibrations?”   With one hand on his forehead, and the other on his heart, the Professor pronounces: "We will either go hurtling through space, or the planets in our solar system will come crashing into us!"


     After the media appearance, a reporter paraphrases the high points of the speech, dubbing one the professor's most important revelations as 'The Ring of Peril.'  As this catchphrase immediately goes viral, Attu is confused by the widely varying reactions of the people around him: ridicule, indifference, skepticism, shock, and panic.  Anxious to share his impressions and new responsibility with someone, he is suddenly overtaken by the recollection of his grandfather’s warning that Attu should expect resistance to his efforts.  As a welcome distraction, the speakers crackle “United Flight 348 to New York, pre-boarding in five minutes.”  As a child traveling alone, Attu is ushered on board the plane.

     After an announcement that the plane is a full flight, departing shortly, the pilot’s voice comes booming across the cabin. "Think what you want about the Ring of Peril, the entire flight crew is certainly starting to feel the effects at normal flying altitude.  And so…due to extreme turbulence, all passengers must keep their seatbelts fastened for the duration of the flight.  Please advise your flight attendant if you wish to use the rest room, and they will escort you.  And now, due to the severe risks facing air travelers, United would like to give all passengers the opportunity to deplane and receive a full refund.  Passengers who choose to remain do so at their own risk."  The flight crew begins passing out a waiver for each passenger to sign. 

The couple seated behind Attu wrestles with the decision.

"What are we gonna do... rebook this trip after the end of the world?," blurts out he frustrated husband. The plane takes off toward New York City.


Meanwhile, on the East Coast, Manhattan has already been shaken by increasingly intense tremors, steadily worsening in the past 72 hours.  The city is overrun with riots and chaos in reaction to Prof. Froeling's announcement.  Waves roll through the ground amidst a series of pulsating quakes, as looting, vandalism, and violence, spread chaos through the streets.  The city veers towards mayhem, in an incessant near-deafening cacophony.  A young woman hides out in a burned out furniture store, covering her ears to dampen the sound of the smashing and bashing around her.  She begins to sense an audible pattern.

People across the street are forcing their way into a bank, while a young man is shattering car windows just outside her door. These sounds begin to meld with the rhythm of the shaking earth.  When the thudding beats in time with the throbbing pavement, the quakes begin to subside. The woman somehow realizes this and instinctively shouts to the people around her, "Make a rhythm!"

Jeffrey, the young man smashing car windows, flashes her a confused look.  She emphatically reiterates, "Use your sticks to play a rhythm!!!"

 Jeffrey laughs and starts playing a simple rhythm on the hood of the car with his sticks. Some of the people across the street join in, and together they begin jamming to the beat in sync.  The earthquakes subside dramatically.  Jeffrey senses a cause and effect relationship between the pulse of the rhythm and the subsiding earthquakes, as his amusement morphs into a mighty conviction to keep the rhythms solidly working together.  He signals to the group to follow him through Midtown.  He yells out toward the other rhythm makers, “Everybody listen to everybody else, and stay together!”  Their contagious clamor-turned-groove attracts even others to join in, forming a giant impromptu percussive marching band.  TV reporters begin filming the spectacle of this spontaneous parade, just in time to cover the arrival of police and the arrest of Jeffrey, the unlikely conductor, in blatant violation of an earlier order to disperse all crowds.

At that moment, Attu's rocky, nerve-wracking flight arrives safely, two hours late to JFK.  The weary but relieved Attu is greeted in the baggage claim area by one of Benwa's friends, Frederick, who drives Attu to the elder’s Soho apartment.  As he groggily gets ready for bed, Attu watches TV coverage of Jeffrey's escapade from a few hours earlier, and is immediately rousted from his lethargy by Jeffrey’s brazen creativity and panache, mislabeled by police and media as rabble­rousing. 

Attu senses that Jeffrey could be the first member of the 'Seven' he is trying to locate.  As he closes his eyes, Attu prayerfully asks, “All my guardians and protectors, unseen and seen, help me reflect on Jeffrey’s values, and please reveal if he is the first member I must choose for my group.”


The next morning Attu asks Frederick to direct him to the jail where Jeffrey is being held. The police station is teeming with paparazzi and media, jockeying for position to interview the new local hero, now gracing the cover of the New York Daily News as ‘The kid who outshook the quake’ and ‘brought the city together,’ if only for a moment.  The miniscule Attu snakes unnoticed through the commotion, and makes his way to the holding cell down the hall where he finds Jeffrey behind bars.  Looking up at the twelve-year-old, Jeffrey asks facetiously, "Hey, kid, what're you in for?"

“I’m in here to help you when you get out.  I need your skills for an important mission.”

“Yeah, doesn’t everyone?” Attu persists through Jeffrey’s braggadocio and asks, “Do you play other instruments?”

“A little guitar, bass, piano, saxophone, and some ukulele here and there.”

“Perfect. We may need a little bit of everything to form a little group. A whole spectrum of frequencies.” Attu isn’t exactly sure what he’s talking about, but at least it sounds important and seems to be getting Jeffrey’s attention.

Jeffrey is intrigued and enthused about the concept of helping Attu, but sees it more as a golden opportunity to continue basking in his newly found limelight as someone trying to save the world.  Later that day, Jeffrey is released and put on 90-day probation.  This does not deter the young man from agreeing to join Attu's odyssey, seizing on the opportunity for more freedom.  Attu and Jeffrey begin formulating a plan to leave the country as soon as possible.

They take the subway to Jeffrey's apartment, where the musician calls his Uncle Jim, a vet once stationed on an U.S. naval base in Chile.  Uncle Jim would occasionally return to South America to visit, using his connections to stash himself on cargo planes, even after his discharge.  Attu then remembers the excerpt from the Onichian message: Each member will lead you to the next.  You must move quickly and gather them together… He sees this international connection with Jim as the indicator for the locale of the next leg of the journey.  Jim sees no problem providing Jeffrey with the forged paperwork needed to gain clearance to board a military cargo plane headed to Buenos Aires, scheduled to depart the next day from nearby Mc Guire Air Force Base, yet neither Jim nor Jeffrey can quite figure out what to do about young Attu.

"Why can't I just be luggage?" asks Attu half-jokingly.  Jeffrey looks at the large road cases that he normally uses for his musical equipment, and comes up with an idea.  He finds a case with wheels that fit Attu's 95-pound frame reasonably well, and carves out a few inconspicuous breathing holes on the bottom for his new companion.

 At the Air Force Base, when Jeffrey is asked to document the contents of his cargo, he unflinchingly writes 'musical instruments'... and soon they are on the plane.  Once airborne, the two have the noisy, cavernous cargo compartment all to themselves.  Jeffrey playfully wheels Attu around while the Alaskan attempts to remind his new friend that his musical gifts must now serve a greater purpose than as a quest for glory.  Jeffrey makes no apologies.

 "I think what you're trying to do is cool, but I just really wanna rock, make a lot of money, meet a lot of chicks, and have some fun."

"You'll never get a chance to do any of those things if you don't use your gifts to help stop this terrible Ring of Peril," Attu pleads.

"Yeah, I get that Attu, and besides, who knows who's gonna see me when I'm up there playing in front of the whole world!" Attu rolls his eyes, and diverts his inner focus to the next band member.  The road case stays open for most of the journey, until the boys feel the landing gear release about ten hours later.  Jeffrey closes Attu back inside the case.


Blinding winds are sweeping across the Argentine airstrip, an abrupt reminder of the harsh atmosphere pervading the planet.  Jeffrey wheels out the case holding Attu.  Once they are safely out of sight, the Alaskan boy jumps out, squinting his eyes into another unseen world.  As they walk past the series of runways, the boys become aware of several disheveled-looking men gathering together in front of a small hangar, signaling an oncoming truck.  A tall businessman steps out of the passenger seat, and two of the gruff-looking men approach him.  One speaks to him in Spanish, while the other acts as interpreter.  "First we count the guns, then we pay you!"

Derek Fuller, the tall American in charge of this clandestine delivery, smiles.  In fluent Spanish he tells them, "Remember, we want to help you. The money is just to cover our costs. Go ahead and count the weapons, even test them if you wish.  After all, we must learn to trust one another."

It was not, however, Derek Fuller's intention to ‘help’ these men, despite his apparent sincerity.  Fuller makes his living doing the dirty work for Megacorps.  By supplying these rebel guerrillas with a few guns, Fuller has planted the seeds of revolution.  Soon these men will attempt to overthrow the Honduran government, and Fuller's employer will have two new defense contracts, supplying weapons to both sides.  When the conflict escalates, other Megacorps subsidiaries will join in to profit from the uprising.

Attu senses something unsettlingly familiar about Derek Fuller and the odd insignia on the side of his truck.  He tells Jeffrey, "All I know is, whatever we do together, we need to bring an end to this kind of stuff.  These people are making the world more dangerous for everyone, including themselves.”  Jeffrey is impressed by Attu's zeal, and is starting to comprehend the magnitude of what the boy is attempting to accomplish. 

“Yeah, I guess I am kind of sick of video games and movies where everybody just blows everything up.”



ENCHANTMENT: for attunement of two hearts

In awe of the mysterious rhythms of souls entwined." Tamuk's Journal, page 34.


 Attu refers to the list of contacts provided by Benwa, and calls the local Mapuche leader, Gregorio, to announce their arrival.  Gregorio invites the boys to stay at his ranch, located a couple of hours away in the Pampas region.  He tells the boys that he might be able to help them with their search for the next group member.

 Gregorio personally drives out to the base and picks up the travelers.  After they arrive at his home, he begins assembling a list of local musicians to help them with their cause, as the boys are captured by the sound of a beautiful flute wafting through the air.  Attu asks,  

       “Where is that amazing sound coming from?

       "Oh, that's just my daughter Gabriella.  Every day she's out there playing her flute. She should be inside studying."

 Attu and Jeffrey exchange knowing looks of anticipation.  Her healing tones filling the South American air would provide an indispensable addition to their group.  Jeffrey can't resist going over to an old piano in the corner of the room to begin playing along with Gabriella's smooth, lilting phrasing.  He watches her silhouette through the window. When the song is over, Gregorio calls his daughter in.  Jeffrey is immediately attracted to the shy, sensual musician.  Over dinner, even before the boys go into detail about their plan, Gabriella speaks up softly but emphatically. “I’ve always wanted to use my flute for spiritual healing.  I think it is what I was destined for.”  Her father frowns in exasperation.

 "The foolish dreams of a young girl. Leave the healing to the doctors of the world, sweetheart.  You will make such a lovely wife and mother someday."

Gabriella is visibly saddened by her father's lack of encouragement.  The boys observe, profoundly aware that Gregorio made no mention of her as a potential member of their group.  They glance at each other, silently concurring to not broach the sensitive subject of recruiting Gabriella until a more opportune time.

After dinner and an impromptu concert featuring Gabriella and Jeffrey, Gregorio simply says good night and closes the door to his room at the other end of the home.  After a few minutes, Gabriella meets clandestinely with the boys in the hallway outside her room.  

Jeffrey whispers, “We're on a mission to save the world. We’d like to include you…we can save you in the process!” 

 “Shh, we have to be very quiet. My father is dead set against me pursuing any outside interests until I’m done with school.  He can’t know of this…but I would love to play in a healing group.  It’s one of my dreams.” 

The boys share some of the details of their journey with her.  Her eyes beam with excitement.  The three begin chatting excitedly about the realistic possibilities of her joining the group.  Attu suggests, “Could you ask your father?”  Although Gregorio supports Attu's mission, Gabriella knows her father would never approve of her joining them.

“If I left, my father would put out a search warrant for me, discover me and bolt me down even tighter!”

Jeffrey is undaunted. “Well, sometimes we have to attune to our own hearts first, and hope everyone else eventually catches up.  Let’s just go!”

Gabriella leaves her father a simple note: “Please don’t worry Daddy, I will be home soon.  Love, Gabby.”  They help Gabriella gather her things, and she drives the three of them to Port Ushuaia at the Southern tip of the country, where many eastward traveling international ships pass through on their way around Cape Horn before turning toward Africa.  When they arrive at the port, Attu offers to pay for their passage on a cargo vessel bound across the South Atlantic for Lagos, Nigeria.  They are refused embarkation by the ship's captain who argues that allowing them aboard would be illegal.  With only minutes to spare before the ship's departure, Jeffrey suggests that they stowaway.  Attu offers $100 worth of Argentine Pesos to a local barge driver to take them to a less secured part of the ship, and they crawl quietly into one of the portside lifeboats.

After less than an hour at sea, Gabriella translates some of the conversations coming from the deck among the crew.  It becomes evident that the ship is carrying illegal drugs.  Attu then notices that the onboard crates are marked with the same insignia as the one on the truck at the Argentine airstrip.

A British fleet intercepts the ship off the coast of the Falkland Islands, suspecting illegal drug trafficking.  They command everyone off while they conduct an official inspection. The captain of the ship then bribes the British officers to allow them to proceed.  While Jeffrey and Gabriella silently panic, Attu prays in the corner of the lifeboat for the safe continuance of their journey.  They breathe a collective sigh of relief when an agreement is struck between the parties.  While the others sleep, Jeffrey tears a piece of paper off of one of the crates and begins writing lyrics.

Attu and Gabriella are rudely awakened as the voyage turns harrowing.  The Ring of Peril has caused many violent storms at sea. The group spends the remaining three days of their journey bailing water out of their lifeboat when no crew member is nearby.  As the ship nears  the dock in the port of Lagos, Jeffrey jumps onto the deck, unnoticed by the crew.  He releases the lifeboat, jumps in and the three row to shore.  It’s only when they tie up on a nearby pier, that the crew notices the missing lifeboat.  As the stowaways jump onto the pier and begin running toward a taxi, Attu recognizes the now familiar insignia on a truck about to enter the unloading area by the ship’s cargo bay.  

Attu points it out to Jeffrey, “There it is again, that logo that seems to keep following us…

“Maybe we’re following it…and it’s leading us where we need to go?!”

“It sort of creeps me out.  I wish I knew what the lettering meant.”

“I bet we find out soon enough; Don’t worry about it.”

Gabriella is following the conversation. “We just need to get out of here.”


As the taxi drops them off in the center of town, the Argentinian flautist’s physical beauty has become an obvious distraction for Jeffrey, who seems indifferent regarding the next important task at hand: locating the African-based member of their group.

      Jeffrey is more compelled to find a special gift for Gabriella in the market and begins walking away from the group.  “Excuse me, boys and girls. Let’s meet back here in an hour.”

      He wanders away while Gabriella and Attu set out toward the nearby currency exchange.  When they rendezvous, Jeffrey arrives with the local newspaper in hand, featuring the front page photograph of a mighty tribesman flanked by rows of drums.  Jeffrey hands it to his companions, who are predictably clueless as far as deciphering the text.  Nevertheless, Attu takes one look at the 'drummer-man' and is immediately convinced that this is the person they are looking for.

     "Oh, Attu. If there's one thing I've learned, it's never pick the first man you see," Gabriella quips.

     "What number am I?" Jeffrey interjects, as he hands Gabriella a hand-painted bracelet he just purchased.  “You can’t count that high in Spanish!” she retorts, while admiring her new gift.

Attu, oblivious to their repartee, remains fixated on the news photo and keeps on repeating, "It's him. It's him. I just know it's him."  As a local woman walks by, he holds up the paper, and points at the picture.  She looks quizzically at Attu.  Although she has heard stories about a local legendary drummer-man, this is the first time she has ever seen a picture of him.

"Mbiro?... her voice crescendos, "...Mbiro!"

After a disjointed exchange of broken languages, the wandering trio deciphers that Mbiro, a mute Tanzanian, is traveling the continent, forming drum circles in an effort to bring people together through the healing power of percussive music.  Although at this particular moment, Jeffrey is more interested in experiencing the healing power of Gabriella, he is dragged away by she and Attu to assist in locating the wandering drummer.  

SEASON OF RHYTHM: for attunement of the moment

“In synchronization with the natural timing of all things.” Tamuk's journal, page 17.


They arrange transport on the back of a military truck by paying off the driver.  The musicians and two soldiers in the front seat travel inland several hundred miles to Bandundo, Zaire, the village datelined in the newspaper article about Mbiro.  A few hours later, their journey is interrupted when a rebel military group detains their driver at the Congo-Zaire border just outside Kinshasa.  The border guard threatens to imprison all of the foreign visitors.  

Suddenly, they hear the approaching sound of drums beating an infectious rhythm.  It must be Mbiro.  Gabriella complements the air with an accompanying melody line on her flute, in hopes of easing any panic.  The soldiers are indeed distracted by this musical exchange, as Mbiro approaches the checkpoint.  The musical interplay becomes quite captivating.  Mbiro smiles warmly just as a border guard pierces the air with a gunshot to stop the music.     

The other border guards capture the driver and traveling soldiers, and pull them from the vehicle.  The musicians are released when it becomes clear they pose no threat.  They find a clearing and set up camp.  Mbiro cannot speak, yet he communicates to the other musicians clearly with gestures and signs.  

As night falls, they discuss where and how they must continue the quest to find the four others.  Gabriella is still beaming from her first chance to use her flute as an instrument for peace.  "It's what Attu has been saying all long.  Music is the healing force that can bring the planet together.  I can't wait to find the others, play as a group, and help the world survive!"  Just as she completes her thought, the skies open and a torrential downpour causes their tent to collapse.   

"Yeah, as long as we can survive this lovely weather we're having,” Jeffrey cynically shouts over the pelting rain.   They seek shelter in, around, and underneath the abandoned truck for the remainder of the stormy night.  At dawn, the group awakens to find Mbiro staring up at a cloudless sky.  As his curious companions approach, he begins to gesture slowly through the air, as if outlining something.  "I see it," says Attu. 

"What?' Gabriella asks. 

Jeffrey responds, "The Ring! The Ring of Peril?"  He searches intently for it.

Gabriella refers to the phenomenon in her native tongue. "Il circulo de peligro?"            Inexplicably, Attu and Mbiro can see the ring clearly while the others can’t see it at all. Jeffrey mutters, "Why the hell can't we see it if you guys can?"  "I don't know...it's plain as day to me," Attu answers.

Gabriella and Jeffrey exchange bewildered looks, but soon, all four are discussing their next move.  They quickly agree they should head north to canvas Europe, followed by India and Asia.  This portends to be the most tumultuous portion of their journey.  Land transportation could be long and dangerous over one of the most desolate regions on Earth, not to mention the inevitability of encountering violent conflicts breaking out all over the Dark continent.  Airports are now out of the question, with some of the fiercest fighting occurring around their strategic locations.

Jeffrey pulls out the lyric sheet he tore from one of the crates on the South American ship, vaguely remembering that there was a list on the other side.  “Check this out…a list of scheduled ports of arrival for the ship we came in on.”

Sure enough, he discovers the list of scheduled port arrivals for the vessel! The ship's next destination is Genoa, Italy departing from Lagos in 12 hours.  The street-savvy Jeffrey hot-wires the abandoned jeep.  On their way back to Lagos, Gabriella passes the time with Mbiro, making a major effort to learn his sign language.  Their travels are interrupted several times by local conflicts and fighting.  Mbiro guides them through backroads and deserts until they finally make it to the port. 

Only minutes from the ship’s scheduled departure, a violent thunderstorm hits, and the group sneaks back into the same portside lifeboat.  This time, however, there is not enough room for the large-framed Mbiro and his drums.  They hastily seek refuge in the noisy engine room.  Heading downstairs, Attu is distracted as he notices new crates have been added to the ship's payload, bearing the now familiar, ominous insignia.  Jeffrey has to pull the transfixed boy away.

"There it is again. That logo," Attu says despairingly.

"Yeah, you saw it at the airport."

"No...before that ...before ...after…I don't know."

Though relieved to have reached the ship in the nick of time, everyone is nervous about the more conspicuous hiding place.  A couple of hours later, uneasiness veers sharply toward panic when they hear one of the crew members jump up from the table of a rousing poker game and start making his way downstairs.  “Hang on, I’m gonna get some hooch,”  he says.  Upon discovering the stowaways, he cackles, "Well, well, if it isn't some excess baggage! Don't you know we're already over the weight limit on this boat?"

At gunpoint, he orders them out and pushes them up the stairs to his unruly shipmates.  Luckily for the stowaways, the shipmates are much more interested in having their crewmate take his next turn in their high stakes card game rather than deal with this collection of harmless gypsies.  The gunman, Ronaldo, addresses Attu’s group.  “Sit tight, renegades. (He chuckles). I’ve got some winning to do.”  Ronaldo takes his place at the table, while Jeffrey strolls behind Ronaldo’s opponents and assesses their hands.  As Ronaldo is about to fold, Jeffrey discretely shakes his head.  Ronaldo takes Jeffrey’s cue, raises, and proceeds to win a bounty from his bewildered shipmates.  The disgruntled losers leave the table signaling ‘no mas,’ as Jeffrey high fives the new surprise ally for the stowaways.


The Ring of Peril continues to wreak havoc, this time in the form of an unrelenting lightning storm along the ship’s course.  Thunder crackles and lightning fills the evening sky, illuminating the Ring above with a phosphorescent glow, now visible to all.  A crowd gathers on the top deck for an unobstructed view of the terrifying ring.  One of the inebriated poker players overzealously jumps onboard the hull of a portside lifeboat for a better view.  His shipmates mock him, as they take cover in the cabin.  As the storm surrounds the ship from all directions with deafening thunder, the lifeboat is struck with a fierce bolt, dismantling it from its mooring, and sending it flaming into the choppy ocean waters.  The remaining onlookers are mortified, having just witnessed a fatality directly caused by the dreaded Ring of Peril.  No one ventures outdoors until the ship arrives twelve hours later in Northern Italy.


After safe arrival in Genoa, Attu and his travelers find a crowd of young people dancing and singing through the streets.  Genoa is one of the few cities in Italy unaffected by an unprecedented wave of earthquakes – over five hundred in the past calendar year.  They follow the spirited revelers to the Village Square.  Annahmaria, a locally renowned violinist, is performing in the center.  The ‘princessa of the piazza’ (as she has been called since the first effects of the Ring of Peril were felt) has been playing and praying for mankind’s absolution from the dire environmental circumstances.  Supporters have camped out from miles around, convening to align their hearts with this minstrel of a forgotten time.

 Annamaria has been recently disowned by her aristocratic family.  She refused to sell her rare Stradivarius for millions of Euros that would have helped finance the purchase of a gambling casino in the south of France.  In her new life with the common folk, she has built a grassroots following of true believers – with the faith that music and positive vibrations can counteract the increasing negative vibrations emanating from the Ring.  The beautiful mountains and green-tinted waters of the Mediterranean are breathtaking reminders of the natural beauty under siege, as Annamaria greets the travelers from other lands.

 With a new found confidence, Attu introduces himself and his group to Annamaria.  “Signorina Annamaria, it is my pleasure to introduce myself and my musical friends to you.  I have been sent on a mission to gather musicians of peace to help bring the Earth back into proper frequency and get rid of the Ring Of Peril.  You are a perfect fit for our mission to help attune the Earth back to its proper position.  Please join us.”

   After a pause, sincerely torn, she answers, "How can I abandon all my brethren who are counting on me, when we are also playing beautiful music for the same reason as you?  Even the Pope himself has asked me to help bring all members of the Church together by performing at the Vatican."

   Mbiro’s perplexed expression speaks volumes as he steps forward and ‘talks’ through a series of emotional gestures that Gabriella has learned to interpret in just a matter of days. She explains, “The Pope' has no meaning deep in Africa...peace and war; kindness and cruelty; starvation and survival...these are the things we understand."

 Attu is about to begin another appeal to Annamaria, when he is thrown off-balance by a repeating tone echoing through his head, accompanied by a howling gust of wind that sends a chill through everyone in the area.  This is a signal that he is about to receive his second otherworldly message from Becjar the Onichian. 

''You must work faster. The Seven must unite the people of Earth on the eve of Spring for a celebration of harmony and unified rhythm. Go to Earthcenter. It is located closest."

The message confuses Attu. He repeats it out loud, and then adds, “We have to stage a celebration on the eve of Spring.  The seven musicians have to play at a place called Earthcenter!?... I don't know what that means!"

For Annamaria, the combination of Mbiro’s sincerity and witnessing Attu visibly connect with a force beyond this world shakes her to the core.  She puts her violin down, drops to her knees, and with head in hands, begins sobbing.  She slowly reaches her hand out towards Gabriella. She is ready to join the group on their quest.

The words ‘eve of Spring’ in Attu’s new message add a renewed sense of urgency; that date looms only weeks away.  They still need three musicians to join their group. The Ring Of Peril of course, is not on a schedule; the Earth could become unsustainable at any time.    

Attu and the four others gather to select their next destination.  It is apparent from the original message (‘one person from each of the seven divisions of Earth’) that the next member of their band must come from either Asia or the South Pacific.  After a luxury yacht is made available by one of Annamaria’s wealthy devotees, the group heads South to the Mediterranean, then toward the volatile Middle East.  They can hardly control the smaller vessel.  The turbulent waters push them toward Haifa, Israel.

CALL TO HEAVEN'S ARMS: for attunement of the spirit

"What is goodness within each of us, lives wholly as all of us." Tamuk's Journal, page 4.


In the Holy Land, there is ultimate despair over the state of the Earth.  In fact, the situation here is perhaps worse than anywhere.  Fighting among races and religions has gone from endemic to epidemic.  Where the harmonic disturbances are the most extreme, the ground is cracking open and dangerous canyons are forming.  On the day Attu and the group arrive in Jerusalem, the disparate and desperate spiritual leaders from all of the surrounding nations agree to begin a series of interfaith prayer ceremonies.

Among the holy leaders is Jyoti, a woman from India. She is doubly challenged; she must not only overcome the cultural and spiritual differences of the gathered masses, but also the patriarchal opposition to her as a woman.  As she plucks her sitar, she beseeches the people of the Arab world to embrace the movement toward equality and justice from her open house of worship.  Just outside, followers are sandbagging and preparing for an expected flood of biblical proportions, as the level of the Dead Sea rises higher than ever before.  Multitudes have caravanned to Mount Masada to pray.  It is here where they watch Jyoti, leading another service with passion and with music.  

Afterwards, the musicians introduce themselves to her.  Attu reveals their mission and tries to persuade her to join the group on their odyssey.  Jyoti is receptive, but disdainfully rejects any reference to the Onichians and extra-terrestrial guidance.  “There are no other forms of life; we are it. We got ourselves into this mess, and therefore we must get ourselves out of it.”

Her strong will impresses Jeffrey. “I can’t disagree with you.  We must take the responsibility to guide ourselves.” Gabriella questions the sincerity of Jeffrey’s response, and wonders to herself if he is just showing off again as part of his disconcerting habit of trying to impress every new woman he meets.

Jyoti requests the group to give her a few minutes of solitude to meditate on her decision.  As she retreats to her quarters, the others discuss the Onichian’s mention of 'Earthcenter,' and the meaning of 'it is located closest.’ While Attu continues to mutter the phrase softly to himself, Gabriella makes a suggestion.

"Maybe when they say closest, they mean closest to them!"

Annamaria chimes in. "Like the highest point on Earth?...that might mean the closest to them.”

"You mean the top of the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai?" Jeffrey asks earnestly.  The others laugh.

"No, they must be talking about Mt. Everest, the highest mountain," Gabriella says with more certainty. The others agree.

Jeffrey is exasperated. "Everest? We're all gonna` climb Mt. Everest?  I knew I should have joined the Sierra Club when I was in high school!  How in the name of Edmund Hillary are we going to do that?"  Gabriella fact checks Jeffrey on her iPhone for that name and learns that he was in the first climbing team to scale the world’s highest mountain.

“Very impressive Jeffrey. I guess this explains your constant drive for peak experiences.”

Jeffrey acknowledges her semi-dig with a lick of his index figure and a phantom ‘chalk this one up for you’ motion.

Jyoti returns, and with a hint of reservation tells the group, “Thank you for your offer. I’d be happy to join in with you, under one condition.  I don’t want to be guided by space aliens.” Attu interjects commandingly. “I will follow my guide, and you may follow yours. I have a feeling they will lead us down the same path.”

Considering all of her recent work with people of differing beliefs, Jyoti decides to join.  She takes the remainder of the day to wrap up her commitments to her congregation, while the other members take a long awaited breather.  Late in the afternoon, Attu finds Gabriella surrounded by maps, charts, and hand drawn diagrams, studiously tabulating numerical values.

"What are you up to, Gabriella?"

"We've spent so much time talking about what they meant by 'located closest,' we forgot to figure out what they meant by 'Earthcenter!'

"What do you mean, Gabriella?"

“Well they don't mean the center of the Earth like down inside to the core, 'cause we're not going there!  And if you look at the Earth from a distance, it's round, so then they can't mean any central point on the surface.   So I was thinking maybe they mean the geographic center of the Earth's population.  You know...they said to unite the people of Earth at Earthcenter!  I've been writing down population figures and studying the atlas, and the best I can figure is that the center of the Earth's population is somewhere in South Central Asia.  This also happens to be where the Himalayan Mountains are.”  She has now pretty much convinced herself.

“Here, we can be at Earth-center AND still be closest to them...I think."

Attu jokes: "Wow, I almost understood that!"

"I guess I should thank my father for pushing me to do so well in school."

With the hope that they have finally identified their ultimate destination, Attu suggests a planning meeting for early the next morning.


Jyoti dominates the morning session by displaying her own mastery of geography while lobbying for the group to follow her suggested route by sea.  Her assertiveness again captures Jeffrey, but irritates Annamaria, who is unaccustomed to not being in charge.  Jyoti's route would lead them around Saudi Arabia and her native India.   Annamaria has a refuting point. “Wouldn’t land travel be quicker and safer, in light of our very bumpy sea adventures?”  

Jyoti doesn't miss a beat.  “Quicker and safer doesn’t really describe Iraq and Syria, now, does it?”  

“The Ring of Peril is affecting everything,” Gabriella interjects.  “There's no escaping the danger.  At least if we go by sea, we won't have to deal with the fighting, the rough terrain, and so many border crossings."

With tensions mounting, the air is suddenly pierced by a shrill, ear-splitting sound that overwhelms the argument.  Everyone covers their ears.  Mbiro points at the songbirds, and indicates they have alarmingly changed their native tune.  Soon all of the birds in the area are emulating the high pitched screeching.  With Gabriella’s interpreting help, Mbiro deduces that the birds are all attempting to mimic a sound beyond the frequency range of human hearing.  Gabriella suddenly bursts into tears.  "This is getting so scary," she cries, as Mbiro comforts her.

Attu asserts control.  "We’d better get a move on.  We know that harsh animosities between human beings have brought about harsh reactions from nature wherever we look.  Arguing among ourselves is the last thing we should be doing.  ,Let's just take Jyoti's route, and follow the Red Sea east and then across the Indian Ocean.  It's longer but it should save us time…while we still have time."

Without hesitation, Attu offers up a large portion of his remaining funds to subsidize the journey for everyone.  They travel by bus to Tel Aviv, and then embark on the nine-day voyage to Calcutta.  This part of the journey is surprisingly without any severe weather problems, yet there is some turbulence felt upon the waves of the heart.  

Jeffrey's feelings for Jyoti are soaring, while his infatuation for Gabriella has all but evaporated.  Jyoti takes little notice of Jeffrey's affections, but Gabriella is visibly hurt.  Attu keenly senses the undercurrent of tension among the three.  He knows this is something he will have to keep in mind as the group focuses more on their musical mission.  They spend the rest of the week collaborating on their original songs. 

After navigating around Sri Lanka and making landfall in Calcutta, the group reaches the frantic Indian metropolis two days ahead of schedule.  This time the rough ocean currents worked to their advantage.  Signs of impending doom are evident throughout the city, where the combination of natural disasters and rioting has reduced the city to a smoky pit of despair.  They make their way through the squalor as quickly as possible.  The group hitches a ride on the back of a beat up step-van, which takes them into the steep Himalayan region on the outskirts of Katmandu.  The progress is tedious through the mountainous terrain; the weather unpredictable and often harsh.  With spirits lagging and no comfortable place to camp in sight, Attu senses something significant is about to happen...just as they begin to hear the deep bass tones of a distant chant.

A group of Tibetan monks is approaching.  They have been recently displaced from their prayer site, due to the arrival of busloads of visitors from the West.  Duchang, their leader, is visibly annoyed at this further intrusion, as Attu approaches, speaking softly.

“We are sensitive to your plight.  Many of my ancestors are from this region and migrated to North America on a land-bridge.  We have come here on a last ditch mission to course-correct the Earth and erase the Ring of Peril.”  Duchang makes a connection between these musicians and the group of Westerners that have recently arrived.  He guides Attu and the band to the sacred grounds, now overrun by about seventy outsiders, and tells Attu, “These other intruders have arrived in order to do something on this holy ground that they say will send healing vibrations out into space.” As the monk leads them to the main tent, Attu recognizes the voice of Prof. Harris Froeling lecturing a staff of eminent international scientists.

"We can create an enormous energy source to tap into the Harmonisphere.  Let me show you," he says, unraveling a complex roll of blueprints. "We have pinpointed this very location as the optimum site to build a giant Transducer, designed to send harmonious frequencies out into the atmosphere. This is the highest point from which we can generate frequencies and still maintain the angle of reflectivity required to target the most susceptible sector of the Ring.

"Oh darn, that means we don't get to climb Mt. Everest!" Jeffrey whispers to Jyoti, who is not amused. The Professor proceeds:

"If effective, this device will counteract the subsonic negative vibrations and return the Earth to its natural alignment.  Here's how it will work: the Ring of Peril will begin to sympathetically resonate with whatever frequencies we send to it.  Therefore, once the sounds have reached the Ring, if our waveforms are strong enough, we can use the Ring of Peril as an enormous amplifier.  This will propel these positive vibrations all the way to the Harmonisphere.  From there, our soothing frequencies will freely travel to every corner of the Universe and back again.  This is the key that will attune the Earth to the natural cycle of the Universe once more."

Attu and his companions (with the exception of Jyoti) are elated at this scientific confirmation of the Onichian message, and approach Prof. Froeling at the close of his meeting to tell their story.  Attu and Jeffrey speak for the group in an attempt to convince the eminent scientist that music will have an even greater effect upon the Ring of Peril, because of the complexities of its harmonious waveforms. Jeffrey begins:

"Music carries with it truth and heart, elements of the soul no oscillator or electronic tone can ever emulate. No device could ever replace the feelings evoked by the beauty of music.  Attu adds, "Where I come from, we blend music with the natural sounds of the environment, and the two work better together."  

Attu then tells the Doctor about the experience that has brought him this far.

"The messenger told us to create an overwhelming harmony on the eve of Spring.  It guided us here to you, to blend our music with your technology.  We need both to do the job."

The other musicians are impressed with Attu's eloquence and insight beyond his years.  Prof. Froeling is persuaded by the impassioned arguments and intrigued by the additional varieties of sound and frequencies possible through musical instruments.  He cautions Attu about the kind of music to be played.

"Any dissonance that further strengthens the Ring of Peril could negate the progress we make.  Your music must sing like a choir of angels.  And please, no rap or heavy metal!  I’ve already seen how that affects my own children."  

The eminent scientist, however, was skeptical about Attu's belief in Onichians.

"We cannot expect help from outer space. We were meant to be the guardians of our tiny corner of the cosmos.  I think in this case, the human race is on its own."  Jyoti nods in agreement. 

After watching this exchange, Duchang has a better appreciation of what is at stake.  He counsels his followers to accommodate Prof. Froeling's group in any way possible.  As Attu learns more about Duchang and his resonant bass chanting, the Tibetan monk is invited as the sixth musical member.  Attu's enthusiasm is short-lived, however, as he is still troubled by the absence of a seventh member.  The group has reached Earthcenter, but is still one musician short according to Becjar’s first message.  Attu seeks the advice of his grandfather Benwa, whom he calls directly with the assistance of Froeling's technologically enhanced cell phone, the only device capable of receiving a signal in this remote area. 

“Grandfather, I have made it very far on my journey.  I have now gathered six musicians, and I am pretty sure we are where we are supposed to be to send out the healing music.”

“Very fine, Attu. I am proud of you.  What are you asking me to do for you?”

“I would like for you to come here to the Himalayas, and help guide me through this final step.  I need every bit of wisdom I can get.  I must also ask you if you have any suggestions for who our seventh member might be.”

“I cannot think of anyone off hand, but I know of an elder in Aboriginal Australia who might know someone.  Isn’t that is the only inhabited continent from which you do not already have a member?  I will include that region in my travels as I make my way to you in the next few days.”

Over the next two days, Attu watches the musicians interacting on their various instruments, beginning to create a new musical sound together.  He is also relieved that progress is being made on the quest for the seventh member, and yet he is having great difficulty sleeping.  There is a reason.

Benwa, while resting in the Sydney airport during a layover, has been ambushed by a pair of thieves who try to steal his precious tribal necklace.  They are run off by a powerful half-­Aboriginal woman, Djakana, who befriends the grateful Benwa and soon learns about his quest to find the last member for his grandson's group.  Her eyes light up at the description of Attu's odyssey.  It's as if she had been waiting her whole life for this moment.  

“I specialize in mallet instruments, and I have been traveling between Melbourne, Sydney, and the Outback, attempting to do the same thing with my music that your grandson is attempting to do with his group.”  A wince washes over her face. “But I just gave birth a few weeks ago to my first child, and I do not see how I can abandon my little one to join Attu’s group in the Himalayas.”

“Maybe we can find a way.  If it is meant to be, it shall happen.”

“Please tell Attu and the others about me.  Here’s my card.  Maybe I can join in with the group in some way without being there physically.  I want to be part of this, not for myself so much, but so my little one can live on a planet free of strife and war.”


















































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THE TRANSDUCER: for attunement of process

"In the self-knowledge of, and giving from your strength." Tamuk's Journal, page 20.


The action at Earthcenter is frenetic.  Construction of the Transducer begins with dozens of workers lining up to receive their instructions from the scientists.  Prof. Froeling calls a press conference to announce the plan to diffuse the Ring of Peril.  He introduces the group of musicians to the world as the ones who will perform the music to be sent through the Transducer.  He also further explains the concept of using the Ring of Peril to propel the sound through the Harmonisphere.

And then he makes a desperate plea.  “We need numbers here...as many as possible who are able to journey to the site and contribute to the harmonies needed to transform the vibrations of the Ring of Peril into a positive energy."  He provides the media with a massive electronic press kit containing the materials needed to build the Transducer and house the predicted influx.

Within days, truckloads of materials are arriving.  As word travels, millions begin -to converge on the site.  With less than a week remaining before the sonic 'attunement process’ is scheduled to begin, most are scurrying to set up the impromptu tent city, larger than any other on Earth.  Relief organizations from around the world combine their efforts to provide services to everyone who has made the pilgrimage.  American media is calling this event a “space-age Woodstock.”

Even with the precise planning, it becomes apparent there is neither enough level land nor materials to accommodate the massive influx of travelers.  There is much discussion between the musicians, Prof. Froeling, and the members of his staff.

"Ultimately," pronounced Froeling, "we don't need every single person on Earth. We just have to make sure the music and energy is powerful enough."

Attu interjects, "The message is harmony and unity. Even if people can't be here in person we need a way to include them, even if they’re just watching us on TV."

This thought gives Jeffrey an idea.  "What about Skype, FaceTime and all the other ways we can connect?  Isn't there a way for people to actually join in and contribute something in the moment?"

Prof. Froeling smiles as if he was prepared for this suggestion.

"We'll do it all.  Satellites will broadcast the event to every television.  An Internet site will be designed for people to contribute their positive thoughts, prayers and music to the effort, using interactive networks so people can hear and participate…even in the most remote areas.  Still, this will give us only about 82% coverage.  There are still millions who have never heard of the Internet.  It's simply the best we can do."

This gives Mbiro an idea.  Throughout the native world, each tribe has a storyteller., Mbiro, Attu and Duchang begin discussing how they can spread the news, using good old fashioned word of mouth, even in the most remote locations. 


FIRST FOUNDATION: for attunement of communication

"in speaking with your heart while listening; in listening with your heart while speaking"

Tamuk's Journal, page 11.


Following the arrival of audio equipment and instruments, the musicians' quarters begin to resemble a mini music studio.  


Everyone takes their places:


Jeffrey:           from USA.                  Piano, Guitar.

Gabriella:       from Argentina          Pan Pipes, Flutes.

Mbiro:            from Tanzania            Percussion and Drums.

Jyoti:               from India                  Sarangi, Sitar, Voice

Annamaria     from Italy                   Violin and viola.

Duchang:        from Tibet                  Deep Chanting, Cello, Bass Guitar, (Seventh member unknown)


Attu calls a meeting to address the very issue he has been trying to avoid; what to do about the undiscovered seventh member. The group must also finalize their repertoire and musical arrangements, so they can begin final rehearsals.

Soon after the meeting begins, Benwa appears in the doorway of their trailer.  When he and Attu make eye contact for the first time in weeks, they share a timeless moment merging family, purpose, tradition, and survival.  There is also a silent understanding between them that the young one is now fulfilling his promise as a leader.  Attu continues to conduct the meeting without missing a beat.  

The first order of business is the missing seventh member.  Benwa can no longer remain silent on this subject.

“Good afternoon, everyone.  I am Benwa, grandfather of Attu.  I was with him when he received his message.”

Jyoti looks up, still dubious.  Benwa tells the group about meeting Djakana in Australia as a potential seventh member.  Attu’s new hopes are instantly dashed when Benwa says,  “Unfortunately, she will be unable to be here in person at this time.  She must stay at home with her newborn child.”

Duchang speaks up, "We should not dwell on what we cannot control.  Let's use our time wisely and only consider the music."  Each member lobbies for their own preferred musical style, which results in disagreements over which genres will be represented.  Everyone is well intentioned, but there are as many opinions as to what is considered harmonious as there are people involved.  Tension fills the room.  Assuming the role of leader, Jyoti intervenes, and reminds the others that they must set an example of cooperation and tolerance for the world.

"How can we expect to create harmonious music when we ourselves are not harmonious?  Let’s start simple, and not think so much about what style we should play.  We should weave our styles together.  We must focus on the Ring, and the enormous task before us.  Let your heart come through your hands, your voice, your entire system of expression.   If ever there was a moment to live our lives for others, this is it.”

As Jyoti finishes her remarks, Jeffrey's mind has completely wandered off-topic...he is again captivated by the combination of her insight and passion. This is the first time that Jeffrey's feelings for a woman have struck the core of his being.  He looks at her not with his eyes, but with his soul.


Prof. Froeling enters to announce that it’s now time for the Transducer's initial test run.  He drives a jeep up the mountain just North of them, and gets out to enter the control room inside the Transducer.  He takes his place at the controls.  While the band plays, they can’t help but notice other musical parts fading in and out of their song.  Amazingly, people from all around the globe are interacting on the website.  By using sophisticated computer algorithms, the Professor and his engineers sort through the myriad of sonic contributors to search for waveforms that will complement the band’s harmonic spectrum.  

Although several signals meet the technical parameters required to satisfy Froeling’s formula, none fit very well musically…until the sound of a marimba suddenly inspires the musicians to a higher level of performance.  Responding to the band's reaction, the Professor routes the remote musician's video signal to the monitor above the soundstage.  Benwa immediately recognizes his friend Djakana from the Sydney airport.  The Professor traces the signal back to the continent of Australia, the missing geographical piece of the original puzzle, and it becomes evident to all that she must be the seventh member.  Attu expresses his heartfelt thanks to Benwa for informing this virtuoso of their endeavor.

As the amazing-sounding song ends, Gabriella shrieks in astonishment. But it's not because of the music.  Approaching the edge of the stage is her father, Gregorio, who shouts,

"I knew I would find you here. Come down this instant...We're going home!

"But Daddy, please, they need me,"

"How dare you run away from me?! Do you have any idea what you've put me through?"           Benwa intervenes and addresses his tribal brother.

    "Gregorio, my old friend, each member of the group serves a vital purpose. Without Gabriella's contributions on the flute, there will be a missing element in the music that is required to return the Earth to its natural state."  Before he can finish his attempt at persuasion, there is a mysterious rustling coming from the woods surrounding them.

Unbeknownst to the group, Megacorps has been monitoring the activities at Earthcenter.  Despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary, they deny the theory that the Ring of Peril is about to destroy the Earth.  They are more interested in utilizing the Transducer as a method of controlling the weather and other aspects of nature.  They are also concerned that this gathering of activists may ‘irreparably’ unite the people of Earth, and bring an end to the tyranny and abusive practices their elite organization has perpetrated for so long.  They have sent Derek Fuller to do whatever is necessary to prevent the group at Earthcenter from succeeding.

As several dozens of Fuller's thugs emerge from the woods, panic overtakes the site. Many of the gunmen attempt to deactivate the Transducer by clipping wires, removing circuitry, and threatening to shoot anyone who interferes.  Fuller misidentifies Benwa as the group's leader, based upon the fact that the elder was speaking at center stage at the time of the ambush.

"We've been following you and your pathetic planetary powwow! I guess you're all gonna have to play really, really loud now!" Fuller announces with a smirk as he points to the thoroughly dismantled, battered Transducer.  Grabbing Benwa, he barks, "C'mon with me, old man. I think we need to pick your brain a little," pushing him over to two gunmen who drag him off in the woods.

Attu yells, "No! No! Let him go!" as he rushes toward his grandfather.  Mbiro grabs the boy to protect him from harm.  With Benwa in tow, the intruders retreat to the woods where their helicopters are waiting.

SKYFIRE: for attunement with the knowledge of higher and lower powers

"In the awareness of the three sides to every event." Tamuk's journal, page 34


The musicians stare at each other in stunned silence; no one is quite sure what to do or say.  While a teary Attu is consoled by the others, the utterly incensed Gregorio begins pulling his daughter away, shouting, "You're sadly mistaken if you think I'm going to let you stay in a place where people are kidnapped at gunpoint. You could be next!"

Unexpectedly, Attu quickly bolts from his surrounding sympathizers and confronts Gregorio.

"If you were truly worried about Gabriella, you'd let her stay.  Take a look around you – the whole world's falling apart!  Your daughter is one of the few people on the planet who can do anything about it!  If you take her, the rest of us cannot succeed. She is irreplaceable."

Gabriella speaks up. "All my life I've known I could do something special with my music–if I only had the chance. Just this once, Daddy, give me that chance!"  For the first time, Gregorio is able to see his daughter in a new light as a strong and capable young woman, not the naive little girl he hoped would always stay under his control.  

At that moment, the Megacorps helicopter appears overhead, and Attu is horrified to see the same ominous logo that has been taunting him since he left home emblazoned on its underside.  He points to it.  "Look, there it is – that same design.  That's how we'll find them and get my grandfather back."

Gregorio shifts gears.  "I'll try to chase them in the truck. Maybe I can see where they land."

Attu hastily scribbles the logo on a piece of blank sheet music paper, which he hands to Gregorio and says, "If you see anything that looks like this, you know you're getting warmer."  Gregorio jumps in the cab of his rented 4X4 and heads off in pursuit of the chopper.

He loses sight of them, but soon stumbles upon the airport in Bhaktapur, near Katmandu. He figures this for Megacorps’ landing sight, and soon enough, spots the abandoned helicopters outside a jet hangar.  The portly middle-aged man desperately scales the twelve-foot chain link fence to investigate further.  Beneath the passenger seat of one of the helicopters, he discovers a detailed itinerary for Derek Fuller, listing all of his various assignments on the recent South American mission.

He tucks it away for future study, and continues to poke around the empty hangar. He finds a maintenance log for the jet housed there, and discovers that it departed thirty minutes prior for a private airstrip near Baker, California.  He finds his way to the commercial ticket counter in the main terminal of the airport, where he requests a flight that would get him as close to Baker, California, USA as possible.  The agent finds the tiny town in her computer system and books him on a series of connecting flights to Las Vegas, Nevada, about 90 miles east of Baker.


As Gregorio travels, the scientists at Earthcenter begin frantically piecing together the ravaged Transducer.  They miraculously return it to full operational status within three days. 


After landing in Vegas, Gregorio rents a car, and begins to make his way to Baker.   En route, he notices a truck bearing the insignia that matches Attu’s rendering, also heading west on Interstate 15.  It is not long before Gregorio notices a most unusual effect of the Ring of Peril.  Every few miles, he is distracted by a blinding glare.  What he has not yet learned is that certain rays of the sun are being magnified to such an extreme that they are causing some areas of the desert sand to crystallize into sheets of glass-like material.  Despite this unimaginable glare stinging his eyes, he drives on until he spots the truck exiting the mysterious Zyzyxx Road off-ramp – an off-ramp that leads nowhere on both sides.  Gregorio, following about half a mile behind, exits as well, but at the top of the ramp sees nothing but the dead end barriers at either end of the overpass.  The truck has disappeared!  Bewildered, he notices a strange flash of light that seems to be moving across the desert floor a few feet ahead of him, as if something is moving towards him.  As he surveys the area more closely, he notices a gray box bolted to the ground.  He cracks it open to uncover basic switching controls which he is able to manually engage.  It then becomes obvious that the crystallized sand is a portion of a secret doorway, now opening, leading to a passageway underground.  

At this point he knows there is no turning back, despite the danger.  He knows he has uncovered the threshold of a secret organization, hidden away beneath the desert floor.  Gregorio reads the sign at the edge of the underground compound, obviously intended strictly for insiders:





Both walls of this passageway are lined with the logos of every major corporation one could think of: Walmart, Exxon Mobile, Apple, BP, McDonalds, Samsung, Chinese Natural Petroleum, etc., as well as the flags of every country in the world.  Gregorio stares incredulously as he continues to venture forward toward a large oval-shaped building.  There are video monitors everywhere, broadcasting an interview which has just begun...the inquisition of Benwa, who they are calling 'the leader of Earthcenter.’  Gregorio watches as the elder is led to an empty room, and seated before a large black box, where he converses with an unseen interrogator.

"You know, we were gonna' go up there and just get rid of all the musicians...but then we figured, hey, musicians are a dime-a-dozen, you'd just recruit more.  Then we thought we'd just blow your precious Transducer to smithereens...but then I got to thinking, boy that thing could sure come in handy.  So we disabled it...but we can fix that back up.  So here's what we really need from you.  We need to make sure this celebration at Earthcenter doesn't happen. The ‘end of the world’ has turned out to be very, very profitable for us.  People are buying products like there really is no tomorrow.”  He chuckles.  “You're obviously in charge, old man.  You think they'll really be able to put on their little show without you?"

Benwa is unruffled, "You can get rid of me, and the show will still go on. You can get rid of all the musicians, all the scientists, all the equipment...and when they're all gone, the mountains and the trees themselves will start to sing."

“What, 'Blowin' In the Wind?' the Voice squawks facetiously."  Who's your second in command?"

"We are all second in command to the needs of the Earth."

"All who? You’re saying people are the most crucial element in all of this?  So is that why Professor Froeling invited everyone who is able to come to the site and participate?"

"Yes.  We know that people, every class, every color, every nation…people coming together for a common good are far more powerful than all of your weapons, all of your money, and all of your technology – all of your so called power.  The power of this movement comes from the people."

"Well.  That gives us no choice.  I guess we'll just have to exterminate as many of the people as possible!"

Benwa is horrified. Could the Voice be referring to the millions who are congregating at Earthcenter?

Gregorio now knows he must warn his friends at Earthcenter.  He also knows he does not stand a chance of rescuing Benwa alone.  Having heard everything he needs to know, he heads back to his car to call Gabriella on his cell.  Her calls have been diverted to Professor Froeling’s sturdy network.  One of the Professor’s associates brings his cell over to Gabriella. 

He delivers the frightening news to Gabriella.  "I found Benwa.  He was kidnapped by an organization called Megacorps.  I found them by matching up Attu’s drawing.  They're located in an area called 'Devil's Playground' in the Mojave Desert in Southern California.  It's like they control every corporation in the world...and I'd be afraid to call the military or the police, cause they might be involved with Megacorps, too!  It's a secret conspiracy, Gabriella."

Gregorio reads from the itinerary he found in Fuller's helicopter as an example of the type of activity Megacorps is involved in.  Among the missions: a trip to Venezuela to distribute free baby formula to new mothers, in order to get infants hooked before they begin breast feeding; a deforestation effort in Brazil, to provide land for fast food companies to raise their beef; and the arms sale in Argentina, witnessed by Attu and Jeffrey.

"But here's the worst part, you've got to warn everybody, Gabriella!  They're about to...." Suddenly Gregorio is silenced from behind, as his mouth is covered by a black-gloved assailant, just long enough for the hit man to slit his throat.

Gabriella hears the struggle, and fears the worst as she runs screaming to the others.  In between sobs, she tells the others, "My father…just as he was about to warn us of something terrible...I think, I think they killed him..."  It takes her another several moments to get it all out, but eventually she is able to report the gist of what her father said.  

Attu’s group discusses a full-scale evacuation and cancellation of the performance, but Froeling interjects.  "There is simply not enough time.  If the event does not proceed as scheduled, there may never be a second chance."  There is a feeling of uneasiness as everyone retires for the evening.  Gregorio's last words hang like a pall over the camp.  There is no longer any sense of security, from the surrounding wails of nature to the new human threats within the community.  Duchang is unable to sleep and feels compelled to stand watch through the night.


At daybreak, the piercing cry of an eagle overhead awakens Attu.  He's not sure if it's a dream until he spies a warplane in the distance heading towards the site.  His heart sinks.  The foreboding sound of the approaching craft draws everyone out of their tents.

A helpless Benwa is tied to the seat behind Derek Fuller, who directs his pilot to the spot where a missile strike would guarantee the obliteration of all who have gathered below.  Although there is nowhere to run, the people scramble for cover.  Attu is mortified as he recognizes the now all too familiar insignia on the tail wing of the plane.

As the countdown commences, Benwa breaks free and leaps forward, grabbing the controls and angling the plane directly toward the mountainside, steering away from the crowd below.  In the struggle at 20,000 feet, Benwa is able to successfully knock the plane off course, but inadvertently sends it hurtling straight into the Transducer.

The warplane smashes directly upon the Transducer, instantly killing the team of scientists and crew working on the structure along with the three in the plane.  Benwa's heroic sacrifice prevented the pilot from detonating the bomb. 

Mbiro and Attu make their way up to the crash site where they find Benwa's mangled body stretched across the cockpit – the last courageous gesture of his powerful life.  Mbiro discovers the bomb still in its chamber, revealing the plane’s mission.  Mbiro mimics to Attu that they must have intended to drop the bomb on all the people below, but it was his grandfather, in his attempt to save the lives of everyone, who knocked the plane off course, accidentally sending it into the Transducer.

The grieving Attu removes his grandfather's cherished tribal necklace and places it upon himself.  He takes several moments to accept the loss of Froeling, the scientists, the laborers, the Transducer, and his beloved guardian.  Mbiro returns to the camp below, leaving the boy alone to pray, mourn and reflect.



The experience of his grandfather's death awakens a repressed memory deep within Attu.  It takes him back in time, back to his final moments with his mother and father.  Attu finally remembers what happened that night when he was an infant.  The man in black who killed his parents wore the same insignia on his jacket that has been haunting Attu throughout his entire journey.  He takes a closer look at the lifeless body of Derek Fuller and the mystery is solved.  It was Fuller who murdered his parents that fateful night.  Amidst the flashing laser beams, this monster of Megacorps had emerged to shoot his parents in cold blood.  

But there was something else there that night.  Something inexplicable.  A comforting energy the child in his early innocence could only sense.  Suddenly, Attu has a revelation.  Could this be the same otherworldly force that has been communicating with him since his first vision?!

Attu takes strength from this epiphany, sensing this energy will be there to guide him through the completion of his mission.  After the boy regains control of his emotions, he rejoins the others.  Attu thanks Mbiro for the chance to be alone to say goodbye to Benwa.


      With only twenty-four hours remaining before the scheduled concert, the musicians know that without the Transducer, the ever-growing Ring of Peril will destroy the world.  They must come up with a solution…fast.  Without the team of scientists, their situation appears hopeless.

     Duchang is despondent. “Without the Transducer, our music will not even reach the Ring of Peril, so how will we tap into the Harmonisphere?  Prof. Froeling said the Transducer was our only hope to send the sound out that far.

     “We didn’t get here by ourselves, and we cannot solve this by ourselves,” Attu asserts.  “All along, I have been receiving visions and messages from a force far outside this world, yet somehow deeply connected within me.  We were told this force would join us for the celebration at Earthcenter.  Maybe THEY can connect us to the Ring of Peril the way the Transducer was meant to.”

     Attu’s voice deepens as he continues.  “The Professor said we needed something that could carry our positive vibrations from Earth into space.  I think that’s where our answer is – something already in space could possibly help us.”  Even at this late date, Jyoti and Duchang scoff at the notion that the fate of the Earth lies in the powers of Attu’s ‘friends from outer space.’

     The group is divided: Duchang, Jyoti and Annamaria feel that the show can’t go on unless they find a scientific solution; Jeffrey, Mbiro, and Gabriella have put their trust in Attu and share his belief that the Onichians will come to their rescue.  Attu implores the doubters, “I know they are real.  They have been a part of my life since I was a little baby.  You’ve seen them communicate with me, whether you believed in them or not.  To me, believing is seeing.  It is time for all of us to believe.  They do travel through the Harmonisphere.  Maybe they can take the place of the Transducer and carry our music into space.

     Duchang is beginning to believe.  “Or maybe they can do something similar to what Professor Froeling was talking about, and change the vibrations of the Ring of Peril into something positive.”

     “All I know is that we have to trust that they will help us.  They’ve gotten us to this point; they’re not going to abandon us now.”

     Annamaria speaks up.  “You know what…we’re all still here; the least we can do is go on with the performance.  I’ll play if everyone else will.”  She stares straight at Jyoti.

    “Go ahead and finally prove me wrong.  Since this is our last hope, of course I’ll play,” Jyoti answers.


Meanwhile, back at Megacorps, the Voice is directing the staff to forget about the Earthcenter celebration.  The Transducer has been destroyed.  Nothing can help them now.  "Let them all make fools of themselves...as if music can change the way of the world!" mocks the Voice.

INVOCATION: for attunement with worlds unseen

"In carrying truth across self-imposed barriers." Tamuk's Journal, page 39.


Attu sits alone at the base of the demolished Transducer.  The sadness of his grandfather's death coupled with the tragedy at the site compels him to take out his native flute for the first time on the journey, and play in prayerful reflection.  Attu's melody is sent from his heart as a prayer, hoping that somehow the Onichians will help.  He plays for hours, meditating fervently that the spirit of his melody will reach the Creator and the Onichians.

Millions of lights years away, The Onichians receive a faint message.  Becjar recognizes the young boy’s flute and signals to the others that their connection to Earth, Attu, is making a desperate request for their assistance.  Emerging from the deepest labyrinths of the universe, the Onichians begin their rescue voyage to Earth.  As each Onichian joins the convoy, their momentum builds.  As the depth and breadth of their energy expands so does their combined power.  It is as if the Onichians, once a species of discrete beings, are now becoming a single unified entity.

This is the moment of redemption the Onichians had been waiting for.  Suddenly, there is justification for their lack of physical form.  As an energy force, the Onichians know they can serve as a cosmic bridge between the Earthling’s harmonious music and the Ring of Peril. The question is, from their immeasurable distance, can they reach the Earth's atmosphere in time?


ATTUNEMENT: for attunement of gratitude

"In thankful celebration of our most precious gift – of life." Tamuk's journal, page 1.


The moment of truth has arrived for the group as the ceremonial concert begins at dawn.  Mbiro sets the tempo for the first song on his djembe.  Out of nowhere, Djakana arrives on the scene, playing the introduction on her marimba.  Finally together as a complete musical unit, the ensemble begins playing the joyous, upbeat tune that builds in momentum.  Jyoti finally opens herself up to her feelings for Jeffrey.  They can't keep their eyes off each other as they play.  Their mutual affection lifts the passion of their playing to another level, and inspires the other musicians.  The people of Earth dance and sing along in celebration as the song crescendos.  The group continues to play their harmonious and upbeat music all through the day.

As the Onichians make their descent into the Earth's atmosphere, they discover they are unable to pass through the menacing Ring of Peril, repelled by its negative energies.   But now as a synergized force, the Onichians have powers that were never available to them as cosmic nomads.  They quickly realize they can emulate the Ring, which means there may be a way to neutralize its effects – at least during the instant it will take to pass through en route to Earth.  

Studying and copying the manifestation, the Onichians create an exact duplicate of the Ring.  This causes the natural disasters still prevalent on Earth to double in their intensity. For a moment, panic sweeps across the Earth until the Onichians quickly reverse the phase of their ring to become a mirror image of the Ring of Peril.  The 180­-degree difference in polarity between the frequencies generated by the two rings cancel each other out when combined.  All of the destructive effects on Earth cease for a second, as the Onichians safely pass through the Ring.  Once they are through, however, the Earth returns to its precarious state and the Onichians continue on their voyage.


THE CHILD SAGE: for attunement of generations

"In the interchange of wisdom and innocence." Tamuk's Journal, page 11.


With the sun about to set, Attu takes the stage.  With simple, yet elegant innocence he addresses the people of Earth.  Everyone is captivated by the young boy’s fundamental message of peace and unity.

"We are still here today for one very simple reason.  When most of us heard about the Ring of Peril, we changed.  We suddenly realized we had to make the survival of the whole world more important than anything in our own little worlds.  The Ring of Peril was a reminder that we couldn't trust our leaders to protect the planet for us.  It took the threat of the end of the world for us to finally realize how much we all need to take care of each other. 

Today we will learn if we have done enough to survive.  But no matter what happens, instead of feeling ashamed or guilty, we should feel lucky, so lucky.  Because we've been given a second chance.  A second chance to learn that we are all equally responsible in caring for the Earth, and that our differences are meaningless when it comes to the bigger picture.  From high above, we are a speck of a sliver of blue in a sea of black…there are no categories, no reasons to hate, no evidence of our superficial differences.

Maybe the reason why we tend to think we’re all so different is to help ourselves feel special; but maybe that feeling is meant to help us appreciate everyone else’s uniqueness and help us feel special as a whole.  Our every breath should remind us that our species is still breathing…that our gift of life is something rare, something to be eternally grateful for.  When you think about just how tiny we are compared to the rest of the Universe, the fact that we're not even a trillionth of a grain of sand should make us feel even more fortunate to be conscious, alive, together.

The Universe is full of mysteries.  We must learn to respect the way every single person looks at them.  Perhaps asking the right questions is as close as we will ever come to unlocking those mysteries.  As my father wrote on the last page of his journal, ‘The absolute truth will only reveal itself after we each seek, discover, and begin to serve what is true within ourselves.”

CRIMSON ODDITY: for attunement with all celestial energies

"In seeing we are but one small equal part of the boundless whole." Attu's journal, page 1.


As the sun sets, Attu senses the arrival of the Onichians.  The people of Earth are about to meet their interplanetary guides, as the band of musicians begins their most uplifting song.  Just as the sun sinks below the horizon, the last Onichian reaches the Earth's atmosphere, and completes the bridge between the harmonious music and the Ring of Peril.  This causes the Ring to begin sympathetically vibrating with the harmonious tones it is receiving, propelling the blissful sounds through the Harmonisphere.  These positive vibrations begin to realign all the planets in our solar system and the rest of the Universe.

Suddenly, a cosmic anomaly occurs.  As the planets return to their natural positions, the rhythm of the Earth's natural orbit begins to attune its cyclic frequency to that of the sun and the moon.  The combination of the unified energy of the Onichians, the harmonic convergence of the solar system, and the gentle haze of the setting sun casts a crimson glow to every corner of the Earth.  

Appearing as a series of interplanetary eclipses, this beautiful light illuminates the entire planet.  Jeffrey and Jyoti enfold in a loving embrace.  For the first time, the people of Earth look upon one another and see one color, one race, and one people.

In this empyrean moment, the sun, rather than continuing to set, rises above the horizon, symbolizing the dawn of a new era.  At last, all life is attuned to the rhythm and harmony of the universe.

For an instant, Attu feels the touch of his Onichian guardian, Becjar – just before the cosmic traveler rejoins his brethren high above, and a supernova is formed out of the combined Onichian energy.

Over the next several millennia, this multitude of stars will join to form a planet: Onichia, reborn as sister to Earth.